Why I Hate Fall But Love Fall Fashion

Above Photo: Gucci Resort 2017

I stopped being a fan of Fall when I grew out of tossing copper coloured leaves above my head. I can’t understand how anyone would like a season in which students go back to school and the days get shorter. As a person who thrives in bright sunlight, I do not enjoy ┬ádarkness at 5:00. What I do enjoy is Fall Fashions, because what better to remedy my slight case of seasonal affective disorder than shopping or gorging my eyes on elegant Autumn coats?

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Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2017 Couture Collection Will Turn Heads

The first thing I thought when I saw Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2017 Couture collection was: how cool to have the models walk down the runway with huge, round, felt heads! The second thing I thought was: how did the designers announce this decision to the models? Like “Listen up, we’re going to have you walk the catwalk with your four inch stilettos, but wait, it gets harder than that, you’re going to be wearing a huge, heavy, doll head. Don’t worry! You can see through it’s lips!”??

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