3 Ugly Pairs of Shoes

Balenciaga Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

I’d just like to grace you with three types of shoes that are currently popular, but are just downright ugly. 

Balenciaga x Crocs


I see these shoes as Balenciaga’s little joke. Maybe they just released these croc monsters to see how many runway worshippers would order them, and they were never meant to look pretty, but rather were crafted to look like clunky rubber bricks on purpose. These shoes were meant to make a statement, and I have to say Balenciaga has accomplished that. It is quite a spectacle to see graceful, willowy models walk the catwalk with platform crocs.








The shoes come in a striking taxicab yellow, bubblegum pink, and radioactive green. A lot of detail has been put into them, as the slightly fantastical, childly shoes have many charms clustered atop their squeaky rubber fronts. Most are adorned with the Balenciaga logos, flags, and colourful flowers.


Ugg x Teva

I don’t know what these brands were thinking. What did they expect? If you cross an ugly shoe with anothereven uglier shoe, you do not come out of the equation with a cute, sporty and cozy shoe that the general public would like to purchase.


The monstrosity I am referring to has the sole of a sandal, the straps of a teva, and the fuzz of an ugg. The shoe is a horrendous combination of quilt, rubber, and canvas straps. I can’t imagine what weather one is supposed to wear these in. If it’s cold out your legs will be toasty but your toes will freeze, and if its hot out your toes will be fine but your legs will be a sweaty mess.


Yeezy Season 2 Sock Boot


Yeezy sock boots are widely popular thanks to the Kardashians/Jenners, but I am personally not a fan of them. The fact that many regular people can stab a sock over a heel and make it look more or less the same as a yeezy does nothing for the shoe. It has no shape of its own, and I don’t like how you can see subtle contours of the shoe underneath the sock. The heel itself is an oblong shape, with different layers of wood. Kanye gets points for originality here, because I have never seen that shape of heel before. He also gets points for ugliness factor, because I don’t like it.



Do you agree that these shoes are ugly? What are your least favourite shoes?


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