13 Things That were Faux Pas in 2010

Whilst perusing Clinton Kelley’s “Oh No She Didn’t”, I noticed that several of the style mistakes in the book are now trendy. How could trashy evolve into stylish in a mere seven years? Here are 13 fashion mistakes that are now trendy.

Mom Jeans


In “Oh No She Didn’t”, Clinton says “That chick had a rockin’ body and even her rump looked as wide and flat as a trash can lid”. Very few people can pull of mom jeans without looking outdated and shapeless, so why do we keep making our behinds look low on our legs?



Here is RiRi sporting a pink velour tracksuit. Although tracksuits no longer have the word “juicy” plastered across the butt, tracksuits still have an early 2000s throwback vibe. They can be cute as long as you are wearing an updated version (like a cropped two piece set for example).

Pajamas in Public


The kind of pajamas being referred to in ‘Oh No She Didn’t” are the ones you actually wear as loungewear. Wearing the clothes you sleep in out in public is unacceptable, but if you are wearing day clothes that are purposely designed to look like pyjamas, then you can get away with it. You could also buy a set of pyjamas and reserve them for daywear, but never may you step out of the house wearing pajamas and call it a look!

Denim on Denim


Elsa Hosk

Denim on denim is decidedly in style as of 2017. To avoid looking like she’s wearing a denim suit, Elsa Hosk has gone for denim with different washes, and has chosen a jean jacket with shearling on the inside to break up the denim extravaganza.

Lucite Heels


Public Desire

Lucite heels were originally stereotypical for “ladies of the night” and “exotic dancers” to wear, so I am a bit puzzled as to why they are popular now. The clear straps on the front elongate the leg, but why is it necessary to have a tower of clear plastic attached to your foot?



Here is a beautiful look from NYFW 2017. You wouldn’t think that something called a Turtleneck would be flattering, but in the above photo she has worn a turtleneck without  shortening her neck and midsection. This is an interesting look, pairing both futuristic and tough elements like the leather pants and visor sunglasses, with feminine and classic pieces like her beige coat with 3 dimensional floral accents.

Too Long Sleeves


In “Oh No She Didn’t” the fashion mistake is when you intend the sleeves to be the right length and then don’t bother to get them fixed if they are too long. Intentionally cozy and long sleeves on knitwear does not fall into this category, however it would still be annoying to have to roll up your sleeves every time you have to wash your hands or eat.

Cropped Pants


It is hard to find the proper length of culottes so that’s why they often look awkwardly draped on someones frame. They look very nice if you have the proper length, they are neatly pressed, and they are not patterned.

Outdated Patterns


“Of course retro patterns often become trendy, but they’re usually done in modern cuts and modern fabrics”

Couch florals have been on the rise, but we have seen a modern take on the old fashioned pattern. Style your couch florals with a modern purse, shoes, and jewelry to keep from looking overly vintage.

Pastel Pink


Pastel pink is feminine and classic. It looks beautiful on everyone and is not hard to find in stores because it is so popular. Light pink with a slightly orange undertone is my favourite colour, and I am glad it has been spun in so many ways. There is a pastel pink for everyone!

Distressed Denim


Distressed denim is fine in moderation. Do not have gaping holes all the way down your leg unless you wear fishnets under them for the fishnet/ripped jeans trend. I would also like to point out how adorable the shoes are in the above photo!

Gloopy Mascara


Jason Wu

Spider lashes look interesting and advant-garde on the runway, but it is unfair for brands  to market them to average people for an everyday makeup look. Make a statement with spider lashes ONCE in a while.

Calf Length Skirts


“Oh No She Didn’t” is referring to calf length skirts that are boring and straight. Boring and straight skirts are the opposite of the type of skirt I am talking about. Midi skirts are long, flowing, pleated, asymmetric, and rich in colour.


So, I guess what’s outdated seven years ago is now trendy.


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