My Fall Wardrobe Plan

The leaves on trees have stayed a lime colour, clinging on to their vibrant greens in hopes that yellow won’t seech it away, but copper leaves gather on sidewalks, indicating that the green won’t be here for much longer. I can no longer ignore the season, so next week I am going to go Autumn wardrobe shopping in the West Edmonton Mall. Here are some of the items/ideas on my wish list, and some of my shopping/wardrobe constructing tips.

First of all, I have finally invested in the Mercier Jacket by Le Fou Wilfred. I couldn’t pass it up and had been looking at it in Aritzia for months (I probably tried it on 10 times on different occasions!). Although it doesn’t fall in the “practical, year round” category, it is beautiful, unique, and I can see myself wearing it for years to come.


Now that I have invested in this piece, I am going to centre my Autumn wardrobe around it. The shade the flowers on the coat is my favourite colour of pink, and it is not an uncommon colour, which means I will have a wide selection of styles when I am shopping for things to go with this. Cream is an eternally elegant colour so I will have no trouble finding it. The coat itself is the perfect combination of trendy (the pink and the kimono style of the coat) timeless (the cream colour and trench coat silhouette) and unique (the fact that the pattern of the coat is artfully posed hands and inked in eyes).

I am going to give this Spring/Summer item a new life in Autumn by pairing it with soft, cozy sweaters in pink and cream, trousers, jeans, suede skirts, and suede boots. It would look beautiful layered under a camel trench or a long cream coloured fur coat. When buying an expensive seasonal item, make sure that you will be able to find some way to revive it during Autumn and early Spring.

This Fall I am choosing to build my wardrobe around this coat, so I am going for neutrals like white, cream, nude, pink, and navy. These colours all go together well and lend a luxurious vibe, which is always the goal. Navy does not relate to my coat, but I purchased  2 navy skirts so I guess it is just insisting to be part of my theme. Having a colour plan is a good idea because then all of your clothing will go together and you will get more use out of your clothes rather than if you had a wardrobe made up of many colours that didn’t pair that well together.

If you go shopping in a large shopping centre, my number one tip for you is to wear comfortable shoes. The last time I took a weekend trip to the West Edmonton Mall I wore converse all stars; I thought that they were comfortable enough. I was completely wrong, and by the second day of shopping my feet were so sore from pounding against the tile of the mall floor with no foot support, I could hardly walk. I traded shoes with my cousin so I could wear her trainers, but I still lost valuable time that could’ve been used shopping because I was so slow!

Let me know of your Autumn wardrobe creation ideas!


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