Slipper Mules are Pretty, But Are Heeled Ones?

What I used to think was hardly an attractive shoe has now changed into desirable footwear due to pure exposure therapy. I can’t say I’m a strong supporter of mules, and I’m still not a strong supporter of heeled slip on mules with no straps, but since witnessing the Princetown Leather Slipper by Gucci, I have to say I’m tempted to cuddle my feet in the brown fur of the new favourite of many.


Behold, the Princetown Leather Slipper. Before these were seen on the feet of many a stylish fashion blogger, I wrote off mules as the footwear of choice for old ladies that were behind the times. I didn’t like the loafer’s shape, I didn’t realize they could be elegant or fashionable, and I was appalled by the buckles that were commonly settled on the face of the shoes.

Knowing me, the second someone stuffed fur inside the slightly grandma-chic slippers, I was on board. The lush texture of the sandy brown fur instantly rendered the shoes interesting and luxurious to me. All of a sudden, the leather and buckles were not old fashioned; but classic.


Gucci has also gifted us with these fresh, darling mules, entitled the “Princetown GG Blooms Slipper”. The print of these would make for an adorable spring outfit. I could imagine them cheering me up every time I looked down. The hearts in the sole of the shoe seal in the cutesy, cheerful aesthetic. Sadly, I can’t imagine these carrying on to Autumn. They go with May flowers, lace white dresses, and bright sunlight after a light rain; not the sound of sienna coloured leaves rustling about as a dusty wind picks up around your feet.


Proenza Shouler

I have finally crossed over to the mule slipper side, but I still simply cannot bring myself to agree with the mule-heel (mueel??). They are not kind to legs or feet, shortening them at every chance they get. A chunky heel adds to the problem. You’d think that mules would be easy to walk in, given their large heel, but since they don’t have an ankle strap or anything surrounding the back of your foot, I am surmising that you’d have to worry about your foot trying to escape the clunkiness of the shoe. The mule heel is true to its name, as it makes me think of donkeys every time I look at it.

P.S. This poor model has been walking in too many stilettos! Her blister has gotten so bad she has had to resort to wearing a band-aid on the runway, no less!


What are your thoughts about mules?


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