10 NYFW Street Style Looks


Half the fun of attending New York Fashion Week is getting to see the streets of NYC turn into a runway of their own. Glamorous people from all over come to showcase their wonderful, innovative, trendy, classic, colourful, and over-the-top outfits on the streets, before getting their own peek at new collections by the very designers they are wearing. Here 10 of the best/most interesting outfits at NYFW.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 6.48.24 PM.pngGiovanna Battaglia Engelbert

If someone said to me “Full animal print can look classy” I would immediately disagree with them. Animal print is often worn in the wrong way, but in this photo Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert wears it in entirely the right way. She is able to pull it off because she has kept her hair and makeup simple and polished-you don’t need to cover yourself in makeup if you’re wearing full cheetah and leopard print, and her jewelry matches. She keeps her outfit elegant with the ladylike length of the skirt. Her adorable bag adds a playful touch to the outfit because it has little ears on it!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 6.10.37 PM.pngEce Sukan

We are seeing lots of menswear inspired pieces on the streets of New York City this week.  This outfit is kept casual with light wash denim and a crop top. She keeps her accesories cohesive, choosing gold to compliment her eggshell coloured blazer.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 6.18.32 PM.pngTiffany Hsu

Once again some menswear inspired pieces here! The sleeves of her button down appear to flow behind her, neglected to be used by her arms, which have found themselves new capped sleeves.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 6.10.52 PM.pngAnnina Mislin

I do not like this outfit. It just doesn’t work. It had the potential to be an interesting pick but just wasn’t executed properly because the trousers are riding way too far down her hips in order to let the top of her jeans show. Her necklace and top are too simple; there is nothing to divert the attention away from her ill fitting trousers. If she had worn a higher rise pair of jeans she could’ve pulled the trousers higher, and then the outfit would’ve been more flattering.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 6.21.14 PM.png(No Name Given)

This is a weird outfit, but it works. The yellow sweater that she’s wearing is either only on her arms, or its some sort of baggy arm warmers. The mustard yellow with the sky blue is a sunny combination, but against the black of her dress it is striking.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 6.22.24 PM.pngHelena Christensen

She keeps her suit interesting with a black bralette, red lip, and furry clutch.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 6.24.05 PM.pngIrene Kim

She has done the denim on denim trend well, combining it with many patterns and textures to create an engaging look. Her sleek periwinkle coloured hair compliments her gold purse so well; she has chosen a great colour palette!


Day-3.jpg(No Name Given)

This jacket is architecturally interesting. Crisp wrap around ruffles cascade from two overlapping pieces in the front of the jacket, leaving the shoulders exposed. Thin black lines trim the edges of the ruffles, giving definition to their shape.

Day-3-1.jpgAimee Song

This skirt has managed to combine pleats, denim, and an asymmetric cut. The stitching on the edge of it ties into the stripes on her top, but not enough that it is boring. Her jade shoes go well with the rich chocolate of her bag and sunglasses.

Day-3-2.jpgShiona Ternini (Right)

I love how her pants match the pattern of her top, and she has used her round sunglasses to contrast with the box-like shape of her jacket. Her white shoes only add to the luxe wine colour of her pants.


What are your favourite looks from NYFW?


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