My Favourite Classic and my Favourite “In Between”

What already stands the test of time and what is up for the challenge?


Classic: Chanel Classic Flap


Everybody knows the Chanel Classic Flap bag is timeless. After all, a bag titled the “Classic Flap” will surely age well. Since Chanel issued the bag in the 1920s, it has only become more popular over the years. With new details such as the two interlocking C’s on the front, or adding leather to the infamous chain strap, It rose to fame and is now probably THE most iconic bag ever. The term “investment piece” is used frequently when discussing Chanel, and if you are looking for an excuse to splurge on one, then the “investment piece” justification is just; in 1955 the Classic Flap retailed for a mere $220 and now is worth around $4,700 USD for one in size small. Some of the price increase is due to inflation and some of it is due to Chanel understandably increasing their prices as to maintain its sense of luxury and elitism. So if you’ve been thinking about purchasing one for a long time, now is better than later. Treat it well and you might even make money if you resell it.

In Between: Valentino Rockstuds


When Valentino debuted its Rockstuds on the Fall 2010 runway, they quickly rose to popularity and now it seems every fashion blogger owns a pair. The wonderful array of colours and textures are simply too beautiful to pass up, and the studs add a bit of an edge to any outfit. Compared to Chanel’s handbags, they are still young at just 7 years old, but by the time a fad grows into a trend, and a trend is still going strong by its seventh birthday, does it still fall under the trend category, or is it something more? Are Valentino Rockstuds still a trend or are they making a transition from a trend to a classic? I absolutely love the shoes and if I were to buy them, my hesitation would be the price ($995 USD), and an inkling of fear that the vast majority of Rockstud wearers would get tired of them and then they would go out of style. I don’t see that happening any time soon, but the “Are Rockstuds eternally trendy, a classic, or going to die out soon” debate is a popular one among shoe buyers, so I’d say it’s worth it to think about before you purchase a pair of those beauties.

Do you think they will stay in limbo between trendy and classic for much longer? Will Rockstuds strut out of the fashion world without a second thought or will they make the transition to accompany classics like Chanel?


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