Why I Hate Fall But Love Fall Fashion

Above Photo: Gucci Resort 2017

I stopped being a fan of Fall when I grew out of tossing copper coloured leaves above my head. I can’t understand how anyone would like a season in which students go back to school and the days get shorter. As a person who thrives in bright sunlight, I do not enjoy  darkness at 5:00. What I do enjoy is Fall Fashions, because what better to remedy my slight case of seasonal affective disorder than shopping or gorging my eyes on elegant Autumn coats?

Where I live, it gets very cold in Winter and Winter lasts from November (sometimes October if we’re unlucky) to about March, which makes for wearing shapeless coats about 4 months out of the year. Winter coats aren’t the best (although I do have a beautiful one from TNA, got it on a killer sale for $200 off at Aritzia) seeing as they lend no womanly shape and can be un-stylish, but Fall coats are very nice because they come in a large variety of styles other than full on parka. Also, you aren’t confined by them because they’re relatively light and complete an outfit rather than overtaking it.

Since I live in such a cold place I tend to buy mostly sweaters and pants and I neglect to buy clothing suitable for hot weather which has become quite a problem, but why I like buying cooler weather clothes is that there are many more textures in Autumn. I can’t resist materials like cozy knits, soft furs, and other cuddly fabrics. The way they all go together is so luxe and using materials like those makes for fun styling. If you live in a hot place you are graced with living in an eternally paradisal climate and never having to switch out your wardrobe for the season, but cursed with never experiencing the fun of Fall fabrics.


Here is a beautiful coat by Saint Laurent. Textures snakeskin, fur, and leather instantly create a luxury look.


Do you like the crisp warm colours of Autumn or are you a sunlight lover like myself?

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