Red: The Colour of Fall?


Here’s a runway look from Max Mara’s Fall 2017 Ready to Wear collection. All this full lacquered red with a red fur bag look could only be topped off with is a shiny red lip.

Giving your outfit a dose of red will only improve it, but drenching yourself in the classic colour will make you about as noticeable as a rose sprouting up from a snowbank.

For H2TR (head to toe red or “red to toe” as I’ve sometimes heard the trend called) fans who do not want to fully commit to splashing themselves in crimson, I suggest you try upping a simple outfit by giving yourself a bag shoe and matching lip in the shade. Red lips were socially acceptable by the 1900s and have been popular ever since, linked to the starlet in scarlet herself, Marilyn Monroe, who often completed her outfits with a red lip. You can’t go wrong with a little red, but if you’re looking for more of the colour I love pairings of white shirts/red skirt.


I love the skirt above. You have snagged two trends with it, as it combines red and pleats. It’s sort of unique too, because it’s patent leather. She’s got the right idea to wear it on a rainy day; you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting ruined in the rain because you could just wipe it down when you get home and the water would slick right off of it!

Also I LOVE those rockstuds, I’ve never seen them in that colour before.


Here Bella Hadid pairs a matching stripe top and red pants with an oversized red coat and matching red tinted sunglasses. Her outfit does provide relief from too much red, however, because she has refrained from a red bag and red shoes. She keeps it from being monotone because her pants and top have blue undertones while her jacket has a hint of orange.

Fall weather to me is bland and grey, so It’s nice to see an uplifting, colourful trend grace the fall runways. What are your favourite H2TR looks?


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