6 Feminine Trends For Fall

Femininity is the vibe I’m getting from trends this fall. No longer are clunky boots and harsh lines! Bring on the new wave of elegant silhouettes and airy colours!



Crisp pleats will always lend themselves to elegance and grace. The longer the skirt, the more it swings when you walk, creating a playful aura. A good length to try is about 4 inches below the knee, or “tea length” because drinking tea is exactly what I’d picture one would do while wearing a pleated skirt.



Here is a perfect example of the waist defining belt trend by Saint Laurent. To create an hourglass figure, simply cinch a belt around the smallest part of the waist. It will draw attention to that spot and make your waist seem smaller. In my opinion, the best designer belts out there are made by Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. They are all thin belts but have their logos gilded in gold on the front, creating visual interest along with waist cinching. Extra points to this runway look because she has a pleated skirt as well as a belt!



This ultra feminine runway look by Alexander McQueen is a perfect example of feminine. Lace, ruffles, waist cinch, and pink. Swath yourself in a flowy dress of the shade to instantly feminize your look, or go for a suit in pink to add an interesting twist to the colour. You can’t go wrong with the colour, as there is a shade of pink that will flatter everyone, whether it is a light rosy tint or full on hot pink.

Kitten Heels


True to their name, kitten heels are demure and sweet. Popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, kitten heels are adorable if a little matronly. These Dior ones are adorned with a slingback strap/bow emblazoned with “J’ADIOR” repeating along the length of the strap. I would pair this with a shorter dress because the combination of short dress to low heel would balance each other out, keeping the outfit elegant but still playful and flirty.



This dress by Thornton Bregazzi is an example of the dark florals trend but also the “couch florals” trend. I have just caught wind of this, but basically couch florals is the print that would appear on your grandma’s couch. I would use couch florals sparingly to avoid looking dated. Keep a couch florals dress modern with a metallic heel and a well fitted jacket. Dark florals are more wearable; you could go for most any clothing item in dark florals. Go for a statement floral pant if you like!

Ruffles and Bell Sleeves


This Brandon Maxwell dress is topped off by layered bell sleeves and a ruffle-eey skirt. We’ve been seeing a lot of 70s revival along the Fall/Winter runways and among the corduroy and shearling coats, bell sleeves are one of the more wearable things of the era. They are polished and add a structured element to a simple top. I’ve seen a lot in thin light blue and white stripes which look nice with firmly pressed blue shorts. Who new bell sleeves would make another appearance?

Over all, I am pleased with the things we are seeing on the Fall/Winter runways!

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