7 Tips About Fashion

Here are the best tips to follow when buying and getting rid of clothes.

Make sure it fits

Don’t buy clothes that don’t fit you, and don’t wear a size that isn’t truly your size. Just wear your true size even if it is a few sizes up from the size you would like to wear, because if you wear a larger size but it fits you better, it will flatter your body and make you look slimmer. 48% of women admit to buying something too small as motivation to loose weight. Do not buy something for when you shed a few pounds, it’s a waste of money and will likely make you feel sad when you look at it hanging in your closet. On top of not wearing too small a size, you also can’t wear too big a sizeIt will make you look frumpy and maybe even lost in the material depending on how large a size you buy. Wear the size you are and invest in good tailoring if needed. You will look like a million dollars!

Buy things that you have the money for

Know when to make an investment, and when to let go. If the article of clothing meets these requirements, consider buying it:

-You absolutely love it

-You can see yourself wearing it often

-You won’t get tired of it quickly, it’s not just a trend

-It will go with the rest of your wardrobe

-It is not going to make you bankrupt

If you love it, but wouldn’t wear it that often, then it will sit in your closet and you will regret the amount of money spent vs the amount of wears put into the item. If you absolutely love it but it will go out of fashion quickly then don’t buy it unless you won’t mind if everyone else isn’t wearing it anymore. If it doesn’t go with your other clothes then you will have to ask yourself if you’re willing to purchase other clothes to go with it. If it is simply to expensive for you to afford and it is going to affect your financial situation then wait and see if it goes on sale (but only a decent sale. $5 off doesn’t count, believe it or not, i’ve purchased something discounted at $5). The two most important things about expensive purchases are: you have to be willing to accept it if you don’t end up purchasing the item, and you should scatter your wardrobe with expensive things, not heap it on. That way you don’t break the bank, but your more expensive items combined with your less expensive ones will equal an expensive looking outfit, and that’s what we all want!

Learn to purge your closet

Give your closet a good purge bi-annually. One when Fall/Winter season starts, one when Spring/Summer season starts. This means you sit down and take out all the clothing you don’t wear, so you can make room for new clothes! Here are qualifications for the purge:

-Do you like it?

-Do you wear it often?

-Was it expensive?

-Is it for a special event?

-Is it in good condition?

If you like (and I say “like” here because you don’t have to love every item in your closet) the item and wear it often, keep it. If you don’t like it and don’t wear it often then bye bye! If you don’t like it and don’t wear it often but it was really expensive, then I suggest you pick seven days (don’t have to be all in a row) to wear this item throughout the month. Style it in different ways and experiment. If you still don’t like it and don’t think you’ll wear it again, then feel free to let it go. Here is where it gets hard: If you like it but don’t wear it often and it was really expensive. If you haven’t worn it in the past six months then you should probably give it away. It’s just taking up space and it was a mistake buy, so you have permission to admit you wasted your money and toss it. If you have multiple expensive mistake buys, toss the ones you’re least likely to wear and find new ways to style the other ones. You have to suck it up because you spent tons on them! If it was for a special event in which you’ll never wear it again (for example, a memorable red dress you wore for the Christmas party and love, but couldn’t wear it to next year’s because people would remember it) toss it. If it was for a special event and you’ll wear it again and you really like it, keep it. Don’t keep to many occasion dresses if you don’t have many occasion dresses though, and spend less money on ones you won’t wear again. If something is in poor condition and you really like it, see if it can be fixed. If it can’t then give it away or repurpose it (eg. give your favourite dress a new life by getting it made into a skirt). If you don’t like it and it is wrecked and it wasn’t expensive, then no brainer. Yay! now you have room for more clothes!

Shop like a pro

There is nothing worse than a depressing shopping trip. They really suck. So don’t set yourself up for failure, because shopping is fun! Here are the shopping rules:

-Go on a full stomach

-Wear comfortable shoes and clothes you can change in and out of quickly

-Have a plan

-Pick things in your true size

-Pick things you wouldn’t normally try, and pick lots of clothes

-Stay positive!

-Put things on hold

Please go shopping on a full stomach, there is nothing worse than being hangry while trying on skirts. Go when you’re in a good mood with nothing distracting you. Wear a comfortable and easy to take off outfit so you will be efficient in the dressing room. Try a T shirt that goes over your head easily, shorts or a skirt because some pants get stuck around your ankles when you try to pull them off, and tie your hair back so it doesn’t get static-ey when you pull your shirt over your head. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and don’t take forever to tie up. Go to the place you are shopping with a plan. If you’re looking to buy a lot of clothes go to the mall so you have more options. Take a look at your closet and write down a list of what you actually need, and what you want. Write down a list of stores you are going to go to. Get things in your size (see above) and pick up anything you are remotely interested in. You never know what you’ll like until you try it on. I know it sounds clichéd, but it’s true. The more things you try on, the more things you have the opportunity to like. If you suffer from dressing room depression, stay positive. Something might not fit you but thats okay! You’ll find something you like in a style that flatters your body eventually. Don’t give up and don’t hate your body. Once you are done trying on clothes, if you found something you liked, put it on hold because you might run into something you like more. When you are done shopping go get a drink or lunch at the food court and consult your list. Remember what you put on hold and see if you need it or just really like it. Decide to get mostly needs but get yourself a few impractical trendy items too (but remember your closet! Is it going to become one of the mistake buys?). Then go back to each store and buy the things you put on hold that you want. Get the receipt, always. Get anything tailored if needed. Good shopping!

Find your personal style

If you already have a personal style, great! Continue wearing clothing that is uniquely you. If you don’t have a distinct personal style, look in your closet and see what things show up frequently. Look on pinterest and pin things you are attracted to. Consult a style magazine and circle pieces you like. Once you have a good idea of what kinds of things you gravitate to then you can pick yourself a style icon. Pick someone who dresses in the style you like. Anna Wintour is my style icon. That doesn’t mean I wear colourful dresses or Chanel skirt suits every day, but I like to pay attention to how she dresses and let her outfits inspire mine. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be constrained by one style. You can incorporate multiple styles into your personal style. Nobody dresses the same to work as they would to have brunch with their friends!

Organize your closet

Keep your closet clean and know what you have. It will make getting dressed less of a hassle. Try organizing it by colour so you can pick out “that one blue top” easily. It’s also visually pleasing and looks organized, but on top of that you can see which colours you like. If you have a lot of dark purple in your closet, maybe that tells you you should buy more of it because you like it and feel confident in it, or maybe you want to branch out and add some other colours to your wardrobe.

Feel confident

“You just need to have a love for what you’re doing. It’s not about thinking that it’s the cool thing; it’s about really believing in it.”

-Anna Wintour

Make sure you like how you dress. Confidence is a great accessory. And if you don’t feel comfortable just yet, pretend like you do and eventually you will!


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