Pyjamas as Clothes and Other Soft Things

It’s finally acceptable and even stylish to wear your pyjamas in public but you’ll only get away with it if they’re not the ones you actually sleep in. Try silk, satin, or sequinned like Zendaya’s.

Zendaya arrives to the Teen Choice awards dressed in a sequinned pyjamas ensemble. She looks very laid back with her disco esque hair and her hands casually in her pockets. The reason she can pull this look off is because she tops her look off with a pair of yellow heels and carefully pedicured red toes. That and the fact that her pyjamas were seen on the Ashish Fall 2017 runway. If you would like to pull off the pyjamas as daywear trend I suggest you start with less pyjamas and leave the full on pyjamas look to celebrities that can wear whatever they want and not look crazy (that being said, if you want to tackle full on pyjamas, go for it!). Anyway, try a silk pyjama top with distressed jeans and heels. That way the jeans and heels will make the outfit polished and then you can get away with wearing pyjamas in the daytime.

If you want to step up your pyjama game you could try a patterned silk robe over a simple outfit.


Here’s the Mercier Jacket by Le Fou Wilfred. I’ve been looking at this in the store for MONTHS. It is beautiful and how could I pass up a jacket with hands drawn on it? I guess it’s the fact that it retails for $298.

If you want to turn up the pyjama power all the way, here is my favourite example on Bonang Matheba:


She’s gone for a silk pyjamas set with a beautiful Japanese feel, but she keeps it polished by cinching the waist with a belt and picking more fitted pants, (therefore eliminating the problem of feeling slouchy when wearing pyjamas in the day) pairing the pyjamas with heels, and accessorizing with a bag and sunglasses which always lend themselves to making you look like you have somewhere to be.

As a lover of pyjamas I am all for the pyjamas as daywear trend. I just finished sewing a plush housecoat for a relative. It weighs six pounds. Here are some pictures:



I myself have the same one in blue and green. I love it, but I don’t think it could brave the streets as daytime attire!


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