The Best of Coloured Fur

Here’s an image from Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2011 Ready to Wear Collection. 6 years later and coloured fur is even more trendy! Why would people not be attracted to the fun shades and soft textures of the “fur on everything” movement?

If the fur trend has lived through the humid days of summer, then I’m sure it will be able to last through the crisp days of fall. I’m surprised it stayed popular through spring and summer; no one wants to wear a fur coat when it’s scorching out! Nevertheless, there has been no shortage of fur slides, heels covered in feathers, fur purses, fur purse keychains to go on said fur purses, feather trimmed dresses, feathered skirts, and of course, coloured fur coats.

It seems to me the trend reached the average person when The Queen of Coloured Fur herself (Rihanna) released her collaboration with Puma and Fenty, giving us the gift of a slide on sandal with a thick strap across the toe covered in fur, embossed with the word “Puma” and the brand’s unmistakable logo of a puma leaping. I’d never been a fan of the slide, (or what I referred to as a shower shoe) but after seeing one covered in plush pink fur, I was converted to the worship of impractically furry sandals. Rihanna’s collaboration boasted some other interesting items, such as another slide, this time with a satin bow, a slip dress attached to a hoodie, and even a lace durag, but the most important things are the shoes. Rihanna’s experience with coloured fur shone through with the furry slides. The saying “Do what you’re passionate about and success will follow” rings true in this circumstance, because Rihanna loves fur and she just wants to spread the love to her adoring fans. Here are 3 of RiRi’s best fur looks:


Here is Rihanna’s infamous CFDA Awards gown: a see through, Swarovski crystal encrusted floor length gown, accessorized with a light pink fur scarf


Rihanna is seen sporting head to toe bubblegum pink in New York


Here is Rihanna in an oversized pink Ella Boucht coat. It’s so big she can’t even reach her arms through the sleeves!

So now that we’ve agreed that Rihanna does an awesome job as an inspiration for those who want to style coloured fur, here’s some of the most popular ways to do it!




If you want to add a touch of fur to your outfit, look into Rihanna’s Puma slides, or for a more elevated version, you can go for some velvet and feather heels from Lola Shoetique. They are a fun way to dip your toes into fur (literally). They would both look cute with a pair of loose fitting ripped jeans.





You could tote a Jimmy Choo fur bag or if you don’t want to put as much effort into cleaning your bag opt for a Michael Kors bag keychain.




Prada has presented us with this blush coloured dress with feathered trim, and if you want to go all out feathers, don this cream beaded and feathered gown (I couldn’t find the designer, my apologies)

So, I hope you are enjoying the coloured fur that will escort us into the colder months of fall as much as Rihanna and I are. What are your favourite fur looks?


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