Happy Birthday Chanel!

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born on this day in 1883 in Saumur, France. She died on January 10th, 1971. That’s 45 years ago and Chanel’s designs are still popular and likely will be for a long time. After all, I don’t think many women will revert back to corsets or give up the little black dress.

Chanel’s designs are undeniably elegant and beautiful. Add a 2.55 bag or Boy bag to your outfit and you have instantly elevated your class and grace factor. Step out in a Chanel suit and you will be the envy of many. Other items by various popular designers could go unnoticed by the untrained eye, not Chanel. Your Grandma, your dog, and your Grandma’s dog will be able to recognize the classic designs of Chanel. Women are indebted to her for making restrictive corsets obsolete, giving them a go to dress for any event, (the infamous LBD) and introducing a feminine yet sexy fragrance they and their men would love (popular scents for the proper lady were floral and light, while harlots favoured a deeper, more musky perfume. Chanel united the two worlds, and the result was Marilyn Monroe advertising Chanel No. 5).

When the Duke of Westminster proposed to Chanel, she declined and said “There have been several Duchesses of Westminster, but there is only one Chanel!” and as much as we miss the true Chanel, perhaps she has been reincarnated as Karl Lagerfeld, because his designs fit seamlessly in with Coco’s; it’s almost as if she never left! Here are some of his designs from the Fall 2017 Couture Collection:


This number has a distinctly Chanel feel with the signature silhouette of the tweed jacket, I love the colourful puffs at the top of the boots and the shoulders.


Here is a great use of the fur trend.


I love the shape of this full skirted creation!

Now, here are some great uses of Chanel items:


Of course I’ve included Anna Wintour, who is frequently seen in Chanel suits.


Not sure who this is but they’ve done a great job matching their nails to their skirt to their adorable shoes. The red compliments the gold logo and quilted leather of the classic bag.


Here’s a more casual use of a Chanel bag. (So versatile right?) In this picture she has gone for a lighter colour palette than the one used in the picture above, opting for a simple jean shorts and white top combo to let the light peach colour of the bag against the background of the light army green jacket shine.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” said Coco. And those are two things that the Chanel label is. Happy Birthday Coco and thanks Karl for keeping the reign of Chanel going.


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