Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2017 Couture Collection Will Turn Heads

The first thing I thought when I saw Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2017 Couture collection was: how cool to have the models walk down the runway with huge, round, felt heads! The second thing I thought was: how did the designers announce this decision to the models? Like “Listen up, we’re going to have you walk the catwalk with your four inch stilettos, but wait, it gets harder than that, you’re going to be wearing a huge, heavy, doll head. Don’t worry! You can see through it’s lips!”??

When you attend a runway show, you’re there to see the clothes, and the models are just the frame the clothes are displayed on. Maybe they have some experimental makeup or a crazy hat, but more often than not they are just there to aid the clothes in their quest to astonish the audience. Not this time. The “faces” of the models at Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2017 collection steal the show, the clothes only getting their time to shine when the last few models prowl the runway headless (or at least without their wide eyed, pouty lipped felt heads!)


Here the fabric is shaped into a bow with a rose-like shape in the middle.


The doll sports a vibrant purple lipstick and a dress with multiple bows on the front.


I love the blue red and yellow colour combo here!


Patchwork jeans peek out from the upcycled fabric of the dress.


At last the models are allowed to ditch the doll heads! Here, model Sarah Abt showcases the hexagonal denim shorts and quilted top she has been hiding beneath the utilitarian green and quilted bow coat she had zipped up when she sported one of the felt heads.

Viktor & Rolf’s say: “We thought: reality is so weird at the moment, why not show the surreal side of reality?” I think they’ve created a unique world that many people would loose their heads over!


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