Balmain’s Resort 2018 Collection is Captivating

Balmain’s resort 2018 collection is breathtaking! Black lace along with white crotchet, pastel damask, and thigh high lace up boots make up this timeless but still trendy array of beautiful creations by Oliver Rousteing.

The season “Resort”, “Cruise” or similar titles that make you think of beaches with swaying palm fronds refers to the awkward time between the end of summer and the start of fall where stores are putting all of their swimsuits and sundresses on sale, but haven’t yet broken out their sweaters and fall coats. It’s a pretty unimportant season in the grand scheme of things; with Fall/Winter collections, and Spring/Summer collections each taking up half the year, boasting their own fashion weeks, there’s hardly even any room for Resort or Pre-Fall collections. Balmain’s Resort collection demands attention. It’s memorable. It deserves its own place in the ever-changing fashion calendar.

When I look at this collection, what I notice is detail. Crossing fleur de lis patterns climb over straight legged pants, the skirts on short dresses, thigh high boots, and are laser cut on pastel purses.



Rousteing has made use of crochet, fringe, leather, lace, even what appears to be…crocodile? The collection is accented with trends like denim, (on jackets and a jumpsuit with the seams facing out so you can see the frayed edges) mesh, (a top with smaller holed mesh pointing in a triangle downward, and larger holed mesh making up the rest of the top) and ruffles (seen in a damask pattern at the bottom of a trumpet skirt, a one sleeved top, and a pleated pink dress).

What brings the entire collection together, is…THE BOOTS!!! These boots are just amazing! The exaggerated length of the boots really makes a statement. See the featured picture on this post and you’ll observe that they come just below the hem of the model’s miniskirt (on one blonde model the boots even go past her miniskirt!). Some of them are crafted from denim, and some of them are leather in the same crossed fleur de lis/damask/brocade/whatever you wanna call it pattern as the purses and pants I mentioned before. Most of them are thigh high but some of them only come to about five inches above the ankle. A lot of the boots have no tongue, allowing onlookers to see the front of your foot and/or the front of your leg. The thigh high ones are so long they’re almost getting in on the lace up pants trend that apparently was popularized by Bella Thorne (seriously though? I saw them in stores before there was talk of her “starting” it!). The leather boots come in white and black, just black, black and white, and pastel pink.

Normally you’d make an outfit around these boots, but Balmain’s Resort collection has managed to treat them like a regular shoe and combine other interesting pieces with them instead of letting them steal the show. There’s a lot going on in this collection, but it doesn’t feel cluttered or overly busy. So congratulations Balmain! You’ve made the most of the fleeting season that is Resort 2018.


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