Why I Love Kate Spade


Can you look at this picture and tell me this purse (“Ma Chérie Cherry Cake” bag, $395, katespade.com) is not the cutest thing ever???

Answer: No. It’s ultra-adorable. And that is why I love Kate Spade! Her creations are whimsical, pretty, and innocent. She has never gone though the “Trashy Phase” that some designers have, she has never wavered from her classy but fun brand. Take a gander at her online store and you’ll see handbags with leather details on the front made to look like the face of a puppy, satchels shaped like taco stands or french cafés, and even two bags constructed in the shape of dinosaurs, one a pastel purple triceritops, and one a bubblegum pink T-Rex! The crazy purses you see on this website kind of remind me of Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour; (minus the spinning peppermint boobs dress and other things like that!) sweet, surreal, and unique!

The one thing I take issue with (surprise, surprise!) is the price. But only the price of the bags on the more crazy side, because Kate’s more tame bags are pretty reasonably priced! (for example, $278 for the”Cameron Street Large Lane” bag as apposed to, per se, Chanel’s “Classic Handbag” which goes for $6,325) I love the crazier bags, but as a person who can’t just blow 300 bucks on a whim, my more expensive purchases have to be an investment, and I can’t picture myself wearing a bag shaped like a cherry cake every day. If I was rich, I would totally own a cake bag or a hot air ballon bag, and it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t wear it every day. But alas, I am not rich (yet…?) so I’ll stick to wanting one of Kate’s beautiful, but less extravagant bags, and I’ll stick to lusting after the statement ones.

Many people, myself included, are attracted to Kate Spade’s designs because of how cute they are! A lot of her items have a gold or rose gold detail on them, (See her smart watches and my shoes that are featured in the photo at the top) and she often combines those chromes with a striking black stripe. She likes to use a lot of neutral colours and soft pastels for her handbags, but her pre-fall 2017 collection utilizes bright oranges, hot pinks, and emerald greens, lending a sort of mexican inspired, deserty vibe. Once again, I urge you to look at her website, you won’t be disappointed by the gifs of baby goats climbing over the “Cameron Street Large Lane” bag, proving that it’s scratch resistant, or the Novelty Shop section, staying true to its title “Fun, Fresh, & Flirty” with items revolving around hot peppers, porcupines, turtles, taco trucks, and of course, the cherry cake bag!

I’m sure you already love Kate Spade but if you need a little help, then check out the crazy bags here or the adorable goats here! Ta Ta for now!


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