My Fall Wardrobe Plan

The leaves on trees have stayed a lime colour, clinging on to their vibrant greens in hopes that yellow won’t seech it away, but copper leaves gather on sidewalks, indicating that the green won’t be here for much longer. I can no longer ignore the season, so next week I am going to go Autumn wardrobe shopping in the West Edmonton Mall. Here are some of the items/ideas on my wish list, and some of my shopping/wardrobe constructing tips.

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Slipper Mules are Pretty, But Are Heeled Ones?

What I used to think was hardly an attractive shoe has now changed into desirable footwear due to pure exposure therapy. I can’t say I’m a strong supporter of mules, and I’m still not a strong supporter of heeled slip on mules with no straps, but since witnessing the Princetown Leather Slipper by Gucci, I have to say I’m tempted to cuddle my feet in the brown fur of the new favourite of many.

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10 NYFW Street Style Looks


Half the fun of attending New York Fashion Week is getting to see the streets of NYC turn into a runway of their own. Glamorous people from all over come to showcase their wonderful, innovative, trendy, classic, colourful, and over-the-top outfits on the streets, before getting their own peek at new collections by the very designers they are wearing. Here 10 of the best/most interesting outfits at NYFW.

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